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Video Analysis in Collision Reconstruction

  • Senior Associate
  • 04.09.2024
  • Senior Associate

This webinar will take place at 9.30am BST

Video Analysis in Collision Reconstruction: More than Meets the Eye

Video evidence can play a crucial role in collision reconstruction. It can enhance accuracy, provide critical data, and support in collision reconstruction efforts.

Mechanical Engineer, Richard Baker is regularly instructed as a Collision Reconstruction Expert, as well as a Video Analysis Expert. In this webinar, he provides an overview of the merits of video evidence and analysis in collision reconstruction, such as Position and Time Estimation, and Authentication and Verification.

Position & Time Estimation: Our experts can identify and extract measurements of positions and important time information via the camera’s frame rate. By combining position and time data, they can precisely estimate the speed at impact and measure the vehicle’s acceleration.

Authentication & Verification: Surveillance videos can authenticate eyewitness statements, determine traffic light signals (especially in conflicting accounts), and verify headlight use during collisions when other evidence is not immediately available.

This webinar is part five of six in a series from our Road Traffic Collision team which includes presentations on a variety of topics including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), collision reconstructions and incidents involving heavy goods vehicles.

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CCTV camera recording a road accident


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