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Open Plan Office Acoustics (BS ISO 22955)

Open plan office with screening

To that effect, BS ISO 22955:2021 “Acoustics – Acoustic quality of open office spaces” aims to give guidance in the design and construction of open office space for acoustics and its cognitive effects.

Defining Spaces in Public Address and Voice Alarm System Design

Image of Person Looking at Announcement Board

While a Public Address System is used to convey general information or paging, they often double-up as a Voice Alarm System, used to convey emergency or safety information, such as “beware of unattended packages” or evacuation guidance in emergencies. Voice Alarm Systems must be designed and perform to the minimum requirements set out in British Standards.

Scaffolding: Collapses and Falls

Picture of building site with scaffolding

Work at height, including the erection of scaffolding, is a hazardous activity, and regrettably, injuries occur during scaffolding work. To provide guidance in preventing this, the NASC issued a pocket booklet, with the current (as of 2022) version being titled ‘SG4:22 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’.

Designing for Speech Intelligibility

Tony Stacey Presents at ISCVE

Principal Acoustics Consultant, Tony Stacey, will be delivering training at the ISCVE and will explain the factors that affect, and limit the speech intelligibility of a system, and how they can be overcome and controlled. Tony’s training titled: ‘Designing for Speech Intelligibility’ will take place on 27th February 2024 and, tickets can be purchased following the link below.

Chartered Architect Niralee Casson Featured in The Voice

Niralee Casson Featured in The Voice of Foil

Chartered Architect, Niralee Casson, has been featured in FOIL’s new quarterly publication the Voice of FOIL. Niralee participated in an interview that shared her experience as a forensic architect, the types of claims that she has investigated, and the advice that she would provide to professional indemnity insurers.

Hawkins Winter Events Round-Up

Hawkins Winter Events Round Up news Image

Hawkins attended over 70 different conferences, seminars and social gatherings, we welcomed 17 new experts to the business, and we hosted our annual winter receptions in London, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, allowing us to spend time with clients in person.

Christina Higgins

Christina Higgins – Engineer, researcher, musician. With expertise in acoustics and a decade’s experience, she innovates in indoor air quality measurement. Skilled in building acoustics, noise assessment, and environmental analysis, her passion drives healthier spaces.

Hawkins Latest Webinars

Hawkins' Latest Webinars January-March 2024

Join our experts as they present on topics which include the challenges faced while investigating failures within the power industry, and the many issues that can arise through improper consideration of acoustics, noise and vibration.

Noise & Vibration: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Loudspeaker on a cracked white wall

Ros addresses the many issues that can arise through not considering acoustics, noise and vibration. This covers building failures, nuisance and personal injuries, including specific examples of what issues can arise and how expensive or problematic they can be to resolve.