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The Hawkins Dublin Launch Reception

Lennan's Yard, Dublin

Hawkins are delighted to invite clients and colleagues to our Drinks Reception celebrating the launch of our Dublin office. The reception will be held at Lennan’s Yard on Thursday, June 6th 2024 from 5:00 pm.

Concrete – Hard Lessons

Image of concrete column with mangled piping

Jamie Paterson discusses the issues found within reinforced concrete and how they affect the durability and life-expectancy of reinforced concrete buildings.

Hawkins Built Environment Webinars

Built environment promo image

Join our experts as they present on topics which include the challenges faced while investigating failures within the built environment, and the many issues that can arise through improper consideration of building structures, fire safety protocols and scaffolding design management.

Fire Safety Pitfalls Arising From Modern Methods of Construction

large modern building under construction

Fire Engineer, Tom Dale, summarises the advantages of modern methods of building construction, but also some of the fire safety issues associated with them such as, poor final onsite installation, usage of combustible materials and plasterboard reliability.

Building Services: Hidden in Every Corner

Building Ventilation System

Building Services Engineer, David Edwards, will be exploring the world of building services, from the obvious such as lighting and heating, to the more unusual systems he has worked with.

Flood Risk Mismanagement: Why New Developments Flood

Image of construction site

Flood damage to new developments should be a ‘red flag’ for policy coverage issues or subrogation. Hydrologist, Richard Keightley, discusses relevant planning policies to highlight where things can go wrong.