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Hugh Martindale

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Hugh is a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He has degrees in Architecture and Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance, and a Mechanical Engineering PhD from University College London (UCL) on the behaviour of flexible pipe tensile armour in the region of an end fitting.

Albert Richardson

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Albert is an Electrical and Rotating Machines Engineer with over three decades of experience in the field. He is recognized for his expertise in generators and high-voltage (HV) motors, primarily focusing on power generation and distribution.

Divyeruthra Muniandy

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Divyeruthra holds a first-class Mechanical Engineering degree with accolades from University Technology Petronas. Divye worked as a Material and Mechanical Integrity Engineer at Exxonmobil before joining Hawkins in 2023. Her Divye’s expertise lies within the domain of integrity management, material degradation, process degradation, troubleshooting, inspection, and maintenance in the oil and gas industry.

Sam A’Court

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Sam has wealth of hands-on experience in the design, operation, maintenance, and modification of a wide range of process, utility, and safety systems, encompassing separation, heat exchange, produced water treatment, relief systems, and gas dehydration.

Stephen Rowbotham

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Stephen is enthusiastic about providing solutions to issues faced by clients in the changing business environment and the goal of achieving net zero power generation.

Amir Hajdaei

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Amir is an experienced materials engineering with experience in dealing with wide range of material such as metals and ceramics and in depth knowledge of fibre reinforced composites and polymers.

Giuseppe Scatigno


Giuseppe graduated with a 1st Class Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Nuclear Engineering from Imperial College London. During this period, he worked at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Incident and Emergency Centre, performing radiological dose calculations, following the Fukushima nuclear disaster. He completed a PhD, researching electrochemistry and corrosion, where he focused on environment-assisted corrosion phenomena, working closely with several nuclear utilities across the world. Giuseppe also spent time in Japan working on the development of Gen III+ reactors at Hitachi-GE Ltd. Giuseppe’s PhD work required the extensive use of state-of-the-art microscopy techniques, experimental traditional techniques, as well as computational, mathematical, and analytical methods. After completing his PhD, Giuseppe worked as a Research Associate for Imperial College, sponsored by EDF Energy, to study stress corrosion cracking resistance of dry cask storage units designed to be used for the interim storage of spent nuclear fuel. Giuseppe was then employed by EDF Energy, where he worked as a Corrosion Engineer and Chemist. Giuseppe worked closely with power generating stations before becoming the lead on water cooling systems and interim spent fuel storage. Giuseppe defined the chemical inhibitors regimes and corrosion monitoring systems to ensure the appropriate management of […]

Gerald Deshais

Investigator Dr Gerald Deshais

Gerald completed his PhD in Materials Science at the University of Cambridge in 1999, where he investigated the resistance of 7XXX alloys to stress corrosion cracking on behalf of Péchiney (now part of Rio Tinto Alcan).

Nick Wright

Investigator Dr Nick Wright

Nick’s first job following graduation was for the Cookson Group at its research centre near Oxford, where he carried out materials development and testing work. Following this, Nick returned to the University of Birmingham where he gained a PhD developing polymer matrix composite engineering components. Nick joined Cosworth Ltd in 1999 as a Materials Engineer, developing materials and processing technologies for Formula 1 Engine applications. This work included a large number of failure investigations on race and road vehicle components. In 2006 Nick joined ERA Technology Ltd, working initially in the Gas Turbine group on failure investigations and remaining lifetime assessment. He became increasingly involved in failure investigations in a wide variety of applications including power generation, petrochemical process plants, electrical distribution, general industrial and road vehicles. This led to his appointment as head of the Forensic Engineering service line at ERA, where he led a team of engineers supporting loss adjusters, insurers, manufacturers and owners/operators. Nick joined Hawkins in 2013, where he works as a Principal Associate based at our London office.

Lin Sun

Investigator Lin Sun

Lin began his scientific career by conducting PhD research on the structure-property-performance relationship of various engineering alloys during thermomechanical processing at the University of Sheffield. His work led to numerous publications in top international materials science journals, and was recognised by the award of an Outstanding Young Scientist Award from the Recrystallization & Grain Growth International Committee in 2010 and the Brunton Medal and Premium from The University of Sheffield in 2012. During his PhD study, Lin also worked on numerous consultancy projects involving advanced physical simulation and electron microscopy to investigate and solve materials processing problems faced by industrial clients. After his PhD, Lin pivoted to applied R&D by joining the Advanced Forming Research Centre as a Project Lead of the Materials Characterisation team. He was in charge of delivering multi-million pound Government and customer funded R&D projects to global industrial partners in the aerospace and defence sectors. He was responsible for the development and commercialisation of a wide range of metals manufacturing and joining technologies. He was also heavily involved in establishing and expanding the capabilities of the materials characterisation laboratory of the centre. In 2013, Lin joined the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at University of […]