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Hawkins has established a highly qualified team of scientists and engineers who can provide assistance with a wide range of marine incidents ranging from fire and explosion investigations, cargo problems and advice on dangerous goods, through to materials failure analysis and corrosion on board.

With offices in key locations across the UK & Ireland and a presence in Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, we can provide assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Our Marine expertise

Cargo Spoilage

Many agricultural cargoes such as maize (corn), wheat, soybeans and seedcake are shipped in bulk. Such cargoes have a limited safe storage period before their quality deteriorates. The subject of storage of agricultural cargoes

Crane & Gantry Collapse

Our mechanical and structural engineers gather evidence at the scene and carry out structural analysis and design/loading reviews, to investigate the cause of collapses. The team have experience investigating failures in a wide

Handling & Carriage of Oil and Chemical Cargoes

The trade and transportation of bulk liquids cargoes involve complex operations within the various shore terminals, storage vessels (“STS” – Ship-To-Ship Transfer) and the tanker vessels that load, carry and discharge the

IMDG Cargo

The IMDG Code was developed to enhance the safe transport of dangerous goods by sea and to protect the marine environment. Amongst other things, the IMDG Code contains advice on terminology, packaging, labelling, stowage,


While many bulk cargoes are carried on vessels every day without incident, some can pose serious risks to vessel and crew. Shipments of potentially problematic solid bulk cargoes are regulated by the International Maritime Solid


Liquefaction can lead to a loss of stability in the cargo, upsetting the trim of the vessel. Extreme cases can cause capsize and foundering. Our experts are qualified engineers and scientists, familiar with the carriage of

Marine Coating Failures

Marine coatings are used to protect the external surfaces of the ship in addition to the internal surfaces of the cargo holds/tanks, and are applied to protect the underlying steel from abrasion and corrosion.

Materials Failures Onboard Ships

Materials failure is the inability of a component or assembly to function properly, as a result of its integrity being compromised. The most common failure mechanisms are corrosion, fatigue, ductile/brittle fracture, hydrogen

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Why Hawkins?

Hawkins is an industry leader with proven expertise and practical experience, married with a real awareness of our clients’ needs.  

Rapid Response

  • 24/7 availability
  • Early site visit
  • Prompt reporting

Quality Service

  • A specialist team of forensic engineers and scientists
  • Proven expertise and practical experience together with a rigorous peer review system

Breadth & Depth

  • Over 120 impartial experts across an international network of offices
  • Over 60 different areas of specialism

Commercial Awareness

  • A range of services to suit your needs
  • Combining successful outcomes with cost sensitivity

“Clients come back to Hawkins because of our honesty and integrity.  Our subject matter experts have sound technical knowledge and expertise, married with a real commercial awareness of what our clients need.  Hawkins provides a rapid response, giving quick accurate advice and communication of the evidence in a way our clients can act upon.”

Dr Andrew Prickett, Managing Director, Hawkins