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Fresh Air Invoicing

Increasing economic strain, compounded by higher interest rates, inflation, and loan repayments, has led to intensified cash flow issues for businesses. Amidst this, the rise in company insolvencies reflects the challenges. Explore the concept of ‘fresh air invoicing,’ where loans are advanced against invoices lacking proper backing. Discover how Hawkins’ forensic accountancy practice navigates such risks

Contamination: A Dirty Problem

The article discusses contamination arising from fire, water damage, and storms, emphasising its diverse forms like soot, odors, water-related issues, mold, and asbestos. It stresses the urgency of identifying and addressing contamination promptly to reinstate properties while minimizing costs, showcasing Hawkins’ expertise in forensic investigations and specialised techniques for mitigation and restoration.

Causes of Germination Failure in Cereal Crops – Part 3: Pests and Diseases

This article explores cereal crop germination failure, highlighting pests and diseases’ roles. It stresses financial repercussions on farmers, encompassing seed, field prep, and related costs due to crop failure. Pests (slugs, frit fly, leatherjackets, wheat bulb fly, wireworm) and diseases (Septoria & Fusarium seedling blights) contribute to germination issues. It underscores considering various factors and recommends certified seed sources to alleviate risks.

Collisions with Cobots

Cobots image

Whilst the argument for utilising robots in terms of ‘a labourer that never sleeps’ and ‘improvement in quality through consistent output’ is well established, they also lack the dexterity and adaptability of a human worker.

Causes of Germination Failure in Cereal Crops – Part 2: Soil and Sowing

James Townsend explores the factors influencing germination failure in cereal crops. This part 2 highlights how soil type, previous crops, sowing depth, density, timing, temperature, and post-sowing weather conditions all play crucial roles in crop establishment. Part 1 discussed the importance of seed quality and part 3 focuses on pests and diseases.

Causes of Germination Failure in Cereal Crops – Part 1: The Importance of Seed Quality

Crop germination failure

Germination failure in cereal crops can lead to significant financial losses for farmers, encompassing not only the cost of seeds but also expenses related to field preparations, pesticides, sowing, resowing, and machinery. Additionally, poor seed quality, storage conditions, and the presence of pests and fungi can contribute to lower germination rates, highlighting the critical importance of seed quality control and proper storage practices in crop management.

The Biggest Threat? The Insider Threat

Manager Identifying Potential Insider Threat

The article delves into the escalating threat of insider breaches, wherein individuals with legitimate access to a company’s resources intentionally or inadvertently cause harm.

Do You Need to High Speed Test Generator Rotors?

The subject of high-speed balancing generator rotors can be contentious, and the practice varies across the world. In Europe, with relatively easy access to high-speed test facilities, the default position is generally to carry out the testing. However, in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, where there are fewer (if any) facilities, a risk-based approach is taken more often; this approach does not include high-speed testing