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Concrete – Hard Lessons

Image of concrete column with mangled piping

Jamie Paterson discusses the issues found within reinforced concrete and how they affect the durability and life-expectancy of reinforced concrete buildings.

Beware the Repair

Picture of unused white appliances

Second-hand domestic appliances can appeal to the budget-conscious, environmentally-minded, or bargain lovers alike. Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and eBay, all offer inexpensive used appliances; however, these appliances come with no guarantees and no certainty over the provenance of the appliance.

Open Plan Office Acoustics (BS ISO 22955)

Open plan office with screening

To that effect, BS ISO 22955:2021 “Acoustics – Acoustic quality of open office spaces” aims to give guidance in the design and construction of open office space for acoustics and its cognitive effects.

Defining Spaces in Public Address and Voice Alarm System Design

Image of Person Looking at Announcement Board

While a Public Address System is used to convey general information or paging, they often double-up as a Voice Alarm System, used to convey emergency or safety information, such as “beware of unattended packages” or evacuation guidance in emergencies. Voice Alarm Systems must be designed and perform to the minimum requirements set out in British Standards.

Scaffolding: Collapses and Falls

Picture of building site with scaffolding

Work at height, including the erection of scaffolding, is a hazardous activity, and regrettably, injuries occur during scaffolding work. To provide guidance in preventing this, the NASC issued a pocket booklet, with the current (as of 2022) version being titled ‘SG4:22 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’.

Fresh Air Invoicing

Increasing economic strain, compounded by higher interest rates, inflation, and loan repayments, has led to intensified cash flow issues for businesses. Amidst this, the rise in company insolvencies reflects the challenges. Explore the concept of ‘fresh air invoicing,’ where loans are advanced against invoices lacking proper backing. Discover how Hawkins’ forensic accountancy practice navigates such risks