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Celebrating 20 Years with Hawkins

Engineering / Fire & Explosions
News image used to highlight that investigator Richard Heath has been at Hawkins for 20 years

With great pleasure, we congratulate Electrical Engineer and Fire & Explosions expert, Richard Heath, on 20 years of service at Hawkins.

Richard joined Hawkins in April 2004 as the third investigator in our London office, and has seen this grow to 27 investigators as the business has expanded. Richard has worked on over 700 cases since joining Hawkins, investigating fires, explosions, and electrical engineering losses across the UK.

Richard reminisced about one of his cases; “I was investigating a domestic fire in a family house where the insured had claimed (and really was convinced) that the fire was started by a poltergeist. A priest had been exorcising the house shortly before the fire started. When I called the client after the scene visit, I could practically hear her smirking as she asked me “So Mr Heath, did the Poltergeist do it?””.

We would like to thank Richard for his years of service and the wealth of knowledge that he brings to the team.

Find out more about how Richard and the Fire & Explosions team can help you. If you have a specific incident that you would like to discuss, please get in touch for a free consultation.

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