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Inigo Beckett Featured in Expert Witness Journal

Cyber, Digital & Technology
Inigo Beckett Featured in Expert Witness News Image

We are delighted to share that Digital Forensics and Photogrammetry expert Inigo Beckett, is the latest of our team to have an article featured in Expert Witness.

Inigo’s article Introduction to Computer Vision and the Role it Plays in Forensic Investigations discusses how advancements in technology are changing the field of forensics. Inigo explains that research in the context of images and videos has resulted in the unique field of CV (Computer Vision); the study of programming computers and systems to automatically obtain, interpret and analyse digital imagery. He discusses examples of CV techniques including Optical Flow Tracking, Pose Estimation/Camera Calibration, and Optical Character Recognition.

Video recordings and images are often the most powerful forms of evidence in an investigation, and the use of established CV techniques enables us to remove human frailties and subjectivity from the interpretation of visual media. This supports us in analysing data objectively and leverages our skills as scientists and mathematicians.

You can read Inigo’s article in Edition 53 of the Expert Witness Journal.

Inigo is an Associate in our Reigate office and is experienced in Digital Forensic services including, photogrammetry, image and audio analysis and enhancement, hardware interrogation, and digital data analysis.  If you would like to know more about the Digital & Technological expertise that Hawkins has, please get in touch.


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