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Simon Batt Presents to OPERA

News image advising Simon Batt has presented to OPERA

Mechanical Engineer, Simon Batt, recently delivered a presentation to the Oil, Petrochemical & Energy Risks Association (OPERA).

Simon’s presentation discussed the possibilities and viability of hydrogen within today’s energy sources. His presentation examined the risks of depending upon renewables for generating electrical power, the transition towards Net Zero, and the feasibility of a hydrogen economy.

Simon explained that carbon emissions from generating the UK’s electricity have been halved when gas turbines replaced steam turbines that used coal & oil, and that replacing methane with carbon-free or carbon-neutral solutions will enable Net Zero to be achieved. Simon also detailed that today’s energy supply relies on gas turbines which are used to supplement the shortfall of renewable generating capacity and included a look at what can be done in these scenarios.

Simon is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He began his career as a mechanical development engineer, working on petrol and diesel engine development programmes before pursuing his interest in engineering thermodynamics by becoming a gas turbine performance engineer. This included working on gas turbine projects for both naval and defence aerospace applications. Simon then began working on gas turbine engines within the energy sector, being promoted to Head of Performance for aero-derivative gas turbines, becoming a leading influence in the area of decarbonisation, having patented an innovation in the operation of gas turbine engines running on hydrogen.

Simon routinely investigates turbine failures establishing causation. If you would like Simon or any one of our experienced Power & Energy team to investigate a failure, or present to your organisation, feel free to get in touch with us.

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