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Full Numerical Analysis Part 2: Application to Forensic Investigation

Slope retention construction work being carried out to manage landslide in highland

With the rapid advancement of computer technology, full numerical modelling is now routinely carried out in geotechnical engineering. However, producing a full numerical model is not straightforward; if the numerical analysis is not applied correctly, the output can lead to defective design and ensuing failure.

Investigations Into Steel Structure Failures Part II: Case Studies

Partial collapse of a steel portal framed

Hawkins has investigated many cases involving failures of steel structures. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of forensic investigators can establish the cause of a failure by either a detailed desktop study or site investigation, in addition to reviewing the relevant documentation and carrying out numerical back-analysis.

High Water and the High Court: Hawkins Evidence Helps with Flood Claim

Bridge and a stream/river which later burst its banks and flooded a property

Weightmans solicitors instructed Mr Richard Keightley of Hawkins to investigate the extent and cause of the flood risk to the Claimants’ property, on behalf of Warwickshire County Council’s insurer. The case was heard in a six day trial at the Technology and Construction division of the High Court in November 2019.

Pit Happens!

Close up of eroded pipework

A large five-star hotel and conference centre began experiencing what started out initially as relatively minor escapes of water, which were dealt with easily by the hotel’s in‑house maintenance team.

Calcium Oxide and its Exothermic Reactions

A straw fire on a farm caused by calcium oxide after water has been added

Some unusual aspects that caused an exothermic reaction, and relate to the use of calcium oxide (also known as quicklime), as an animal-friendly sanitization product.