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Hawkins Road Traffic Collision Webinars

Cyber, Digital & Technology / Personal Injury / Road traffic Collisions
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From July to September, join our road traffic collision experts as they present our latest series of webinars. Topics include Vehicle Crashworthiness, Video Analysis in Collision Reconstruction, and Body Protection for Motorcycle & Bicycle Riders.

Find out more about each webinar below and click to to register.

Forensic Collision Reconstruction Services

Presented by Gavin Dunn
Thursday 11th July 2024 at 9.30am BST

Gavin provides a journey through the process of forensically reconstructing a road traffic collision. He will discuss some of the methods that can be used, the types of information that we look for, and some of the challenges that are often encountered.

ADAS: How Do They Respond in a Collision?

Presented by Robert Taylor
Thursday 25th July 2024 at 9.30am BST

Robert shares an overview of the different types of ADAS and how each may respond in the event of a collision. He takes time to answer questions such as  “What does the data tell us?” and “What can be determined from published literature and test results?”

Vehicle Crashworthiness & Restraint Systems

Presented by Ross Clarke
Thursday 8th August 2024 at 9.30am BST

Ross presents an overview of the development of vehicle safety. This will cover the principles of vehicle structural design, how this has evolved over time and in different marketplaces, and the optimisation of modern occupant restraint systems. He also discusses child restraint systems (CRS – or child seats) and how they are tested.

Incidents Involving Agricultural & Heavy Goods Vehicles

Presented by James Kingham
Thursday 22nd August 2024 at 9.30am BST

James discusses the nuances of collisions and incidents involving heavy goods and agricultural vehicles; the common types of incidents involving these vehicles, the information which is often available (being unique to these types of vehicles), and the types of information that would assist an investigation.

Video Analysis in Collision Reconstruction

Presented by Richard Baker
Wednesday 4th September 2024 at 9.30am BST

Video evidence can play a crucial role in collision reconstruction. It can enhances accuracy, provide critical data, and support in collision reconstruction efforts. Richard outlines the merits of video evidence and analysis in collision reconstruction, such as Position and Time Estimation, and Authentication and Verification.

Body Protection for the Motorcycle & Bicycle Rider

Presented by John Camplin
Thursday 19th September 2024 at 9.30am BST

John reviews the expected performance of helmets, boots and clothing during road traffic collisions. He will also discuss what we can establish about the benefit of protective equipment from post-collision evidence.

We look forward to presenting for you.

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