Electrical Engineering

With the prevalence of electrical and electronic devices in the modern world there is a large scope for failures to occur. These can range from the failure of a single electronic component to failure of power stations.

At Hawkins we have a good knowledge of electrical devices and in many cases have real world experience of designing or testing them. Examples of our work include:

  • Failure of a linear particle accelerator
  • A fire risk relating to display lighting
  • Failure of switchgear
  • Analysis of control systems
  • Assessment of product design
  • Why appoint an electrical engineer?

    Establishing the reason why an electrical device has failed can be complex. The reason for the failure of one component might not be immediately obvious and can be due to other surrounding components not functioning as they ought to. During an investigation we would attempt to establish the cause of a failure and whether this can be directly attributed to any party involved with the device. This can both help with recovery efforts and defend against third party claims. We can also offer advice as to the risk of failure of similar devices in future.

    How does Hawkins investigate electrical failures?

    The investigation of electrical failures can include the following stages:

  • Witness evidence of the failure
  • History of the device including servicing records, repairs, maintenance etc.
  • Physical examination of the failed device
  • Physical examination of an exemplar device
  • Discussions with manufacturers and suppliers
  • Throughout the investigation our client will be kept up to date with developments and written reports will be provided as required. Our specialists can also provide expert witness testimony if the claim goes to court.

    Laptop battery fire

    Related Services

    We can offer advice as to the risk of failure of similar devices.

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