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Celebrating 10 And 20 Years With Hawkins

We would like to congratulate Helen Rosser and Dr Jake Irwin on 10 years of investigations with Hawkins, and thank Jo Sears on 20 years of invaluable support.

Helen Rosser is a Senior Associate in our London Office and has been investigating fire incident and arson cases for 10 years with Hawkins. Helen was responsible for setting up a validated method for flash burning to clothing and represented the Forensic Science Service in Europe as Chair of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) Expert Working Group in Fire and Explosion.

Helen front and centre with colleagues at our annual general meeting

Dr Jake Irwin is a Principal Associate and has been Regional Manager of Hawkins’ Birmingham Office since October 2021. He has investigated chemical and post-lost contamination incidents as well as fires for 10 years with Hawkins. He has spoken at numerous events on Hawkins’ behalf, including the 2022 British Damage Management Association Conference.

Jake (left) pictured with investigators Andy Ninham and David Reid Rowland before completing a Go Ape Course at an annual Hawkins event

Jo Sears has spent 20 years working closely with Hawkins’ Cambridge Office colleagues, including the board, as a secretary and personal assistant to previous Managing Director, Andrew Moncrieff. Her colleagues have described her efficiency and positivity as akin to Mary Poppins’ — “practically perfect in every way.” We are delighted that she has reached 20 years with Hawkins and could not be more grateful for the work she has done supporting us.

Lisa Knappett & Jo
Jo Sears (left) with Hawkins’ Data Protection Officer, Lisa Knappett, at a company dinner

We take this time to thank Helen, Jake and Jo for all their dedication and effort, which have helped in decades’ worth of investigations.

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