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Dr Paul Moody Featured in Institution of Power Engineers Journal

Materials, Chemistry & Biology
News image announcing Paul Moody's oil ash boiler article has been featured in IPowerE Journal

Industrial boilers in power stations and petrochemical plants produce steam for use in both power generation and as process steam. In these types of plant, the boilers are often fuelled using coal, oil or gas. Burning coal and oil generates ash, which requires periodic removal from the boiler to maintain efficient operation. Though boilers are built with systems to handle boiler ash, if ash is allowed to build up inside the boiler, it can lead to boiler performance issues.

Chartered Engineer and Metallurgist, Dr Paul Moody, reviews oil-fired boilers in the March edition of the Institution of Power Engineers Journal (IPowerE). Paul’s article ‘Industrial Boilers for Power Generation: Issues Relating to Fuel Oil Use’ discusses the issues associated with oil ash including ‘ash bridging’ and ‘oil ash corrosion’.

Paul is a Chartered Engineer with decades of experience in metallurgy and materials failures. His experience includes facilitating contract materials testing for the offshore oil and gas services industry, performing remanent life assessments on boilers for power plants and petrochemical sites, investigating failed components, and providing support on materials related issues. He has investigated boiler and petrochemical failures throughout the UK as well as internationally, including South Africa, India, Sweden, and Oman.

Paul’s full article can be read on page 8 of the journal. If you would like to know more about Paul’s experience or want to contact him directly you can view his profile on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us.

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