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Hawkins Partners with Alcumus to Demonstrate Compliance to the Highest Standards

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Lisa Knappett

Legal and Compliance Manager

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Hawkins are continually striving to improve relationships with our suppliers who are critical partners in improving the service that we offer.

To support this, we are proud to announce that we have decided to partner with Alcumus Supply Chain Compliance to provide the highest standard of compliance within our supply chain.

Why Have We Chosen To Do This?

Over the last 10 years, legislative and client requirements in the UK have placed greater emphasis on organisations such as Hawkins to understand the level of risk sitting within their supply chain and report on a number of topics including health and safety, environmental management, data protection, modern slavery, bribery and diversity to name a few.

By partnering with Alcumus, we receive total coverage, visibility, and insight into the compliance levels across our suppliers. This partnership supports us in raising standards within our own supply chain and across our wider industry.

However, this partnership is not just about compliance; it’s about forging even stronger connections with our suppliers.

What This Means For Our Suppliers?

All UK based suppliers will be required to register with Alcumus to ensure that they align with our shared values of health, safety and sustainability.

This allows all of our suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to best practice and current legislation. It will also allow us to understand the full competency and capabilities of our suppliers, allowing more work opportunities for them in the future.

If you are one of our suppliers and have any questions about this process, please do get in touch with our Legal & Compliance Team at [email protected]

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