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Jonathan Emm

Principal Associate
Investigator Jonathan Emm

Jonathan’s engineering career began at Morganite Thermal Ceramics. Here he ran projects to develop a non-destructive testing technique for their foundry ceramic products, as well as a new product with very high thermal shock resistance.

Jonathan joined BAE SYSTEMS in 2000 as an engineer in the Advanced Technology Centre, Stealth Materials Group. He ran development and application engineering projects there, mostly using elastomeric and composite materials as radar absorbent or transparent media. These were applied to military aircraft, ships and vehicles. This work enabled him to develop strong project management skills and in his last year he led a team of engineers and scientists in developing a sprayable, radar absorbent coating for aircrafts.

In 2003 Jonathan joined Cytec Engineered Materials, where he ran qualification testing programmes for aerospace composite materials and provided technical advice and assistance to customers, particularly in relation to processing issues. His customers included Airbus, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, with whom he worked to incorporate advanced, recently developed materials into their aircraft structures.

Jonathan joined Hawkins in January 2007, where he trained in the investigation of fires and explosions to add to his engineering expertise. Jonathan has now been involved with a broad range of forensic engineering investigations, including materials failures, escapes of water and other fluids, personal injury cases, property break-ins and component failures in machinery and appliances. He specialises in materials issues, particularly with composites and non-metals. He has investigated numerous fires and explosions in residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Jonathan has experience with the legal process and has been involved in producing statements and giving advice to the Police, loss adjusters, lawyers and the Fire Service. He has given expert witness evidence in Court.

Jonathan is a Principal Associate and the Regional Manager of our Manchester Office.


BEng (Hons) Materials Engineering – Loughborough University
CEng Chartered Engineer
MIMMM Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
Recipient of the Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate

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