Russell Smith

After graduating, Russell was employed by the Avon & Somerset Constabulary as a Scenes of Crime Officer engaged in the forensic examination of crime scenes, including fires. In 1998 he joined the Avon & Somerset Scientific Support Fire Investigation Team specialising in arson cases. In 2000 he was promoted to Team Leader Scenes of Crime Officer, with responsibility for the coordination of the Constabulary’s response to vehicle crime, while continuing to play an active role in fire investigation. He has lectured to Police Officers, Fire Brigade personnel and Scenes of Crime Officers on subjects including the identification and preservation of evidence, scientific analysis of exhibits and the influence of DNA on crime scene examination. In 2002 Russell joined Dr J H Burgoyne & Partners LLP as a Consulting Scientist specialising in the investigation of fires and explosions. He was responsible for investigating a diverse range of incidents including small fires in domestic properties, large fires in restaurants, commercial buildings and vehicle fires. In 2005 Russell joined Hawkins, where he continues to carry out fire investigations. He is also frequently asked to provide expert assistance in criminal cases. He was Regional Manager of the Bristol Office for many years, and currently […]

Alex Chambers

After Cardiff Business School, Alex qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 2001. Prior to joining Hawkins as a Director, Alex practised at KPMG undertaking corporate investigations for shareholders and providers of debt finance. Alex then worked directly for Private Equity firms and High Net Worth individuals undertaking investigations and reviews into business valuations, business failure and fraud. Alex has a dual role at Hawkins to ensure strong controls around financial and information management, together with heading up our forensic accounting service provision.

Helen Rosser

Following the completion of her first degree at Aston University Helen worked as a chemist, developing and improving infra-red decoy, target and tracking flares for military use. She gained her first insight into forensic science as a Scientific Advisor to London Fire Brigade when she provided advice and carried out fire and accident investigations. During this time she completed a degree in Fire Engineering at London South Bank University, building on her practical knowledge of fire and explosion science. Prior to joining Hawkins in 2012 Helen worked as a specialist Fire Investigator for the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in London for 12 years. She performed laboratory examinations on items recovered from fires and carried out scene investigations in a wide range of settings, including domestic, commercial and industrial premises as well as vehicles. Helen was responsible for setting up a validated method for flashburning to clothing and represented the FSS in Europe as Chair of the ENFSI Expert Working Group in Fire and Explosion. Helen is experienced in the legal process and has given evidence as an expert witness in Crown Courts and Coroner’s inquests on many occasions. Helen is a Senior Associate based in our London Office.

Martin Pope

Martin is a Chartered Physicist and has a broad-based science degree from The Open University, which he gained during his thirteen years working as a Crime Scene Investigator for Kent Police. Prior to that, he worked at an electronics company where he gained an HNC in electronic and electrical engineering. He also worked for Kent Fire & Rescue Service during that time, where he was retained as a Fire Fighter. Before joining Hawkins in 2019, Martin spent fourteen years working as a fire investigator at Dr JH Burgoyne and Partners, where he undertook over 750 investigations, ranging from small, domestic fires to protracted investigation of major incidents overseas. Martin has also been consulted regarding cases of domestic and commercial burglary. He is currently a Senior Associate based in our Cambridge Office.

Claire Mann

Claire carried out her first Masters Degree at Oxford University, where she remained to complete a DPhil at the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, working in collaboration with the Process Development Group of Syngenta. Claire then went on to pursue her interest in forensic science and studied for the Master of Forensic Science Degree at Kings College, London. During this time, Claire worked at the Forensic Explosives Laboratory and developed a GC/FTIR method for the analysis of explosives. Since joining Hawkins in 2006, Claire has specialised in the investigation of causes of fires and explosions. These cases have varied greatly in scale from relatively small domestic incidents to large commercial fires. Claire has also lent her chemistry background to the contamination team at Hawkins, where she has carried out post-fire, post-flood and post-chemical spill contamination investigations throughout the world. This work involves determining the effects of contaminants on buildings, production equipment, complex computer systems and products, including food stuffs and pharmaceuticals, and providing advice on the long term effects of the contaminants and best remediation techniques for recovery. During her time at Hawkins, Claire successfully completed the BOHS course for surveying buildings for asbestos and has since carried out asbestos […]

Justin Lewis

Justin joined Hawkins in 2012 after a career spanning over 21 years in the Forensic Science Service (FSS). He was a Principal Forensic Scientist with the FSS and acted as an expert witness in a wide range of criminal cases involving murder, attempted murder, arson, rape, robbery, firearms offences, burglary and criminal damage. He was the National Scientific Lead for Fire Investigation and was responsible for scientific standard setting in Case Assessment and Interpretation. From 1999 to 2006 he was a Specialist Advisor in the Major Crime Service where he formulated forensic strategy, trained Senior Investigating Officers and reviewed cold cases. He also advised senior police officers in the Caribbean on undetected murder cases. He has acted as an expert witness to the Criminal Justice System in cases involving glass, paint, fibres, footwear marks, tool marks, particulates, accelerants and fire/explosion investigation. He has presented evidence on many occasions in Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, at Coroner’s Inquests and at the Appeal Court. He is experienced in ISO 17025 accreditation and a scientific auditor. Justin joined Hawkins as a fire and explosion investigator and specialises in domestic and commercial incidents. He is a Principal Associate based in our Cambridge Office.

Camilla Gosling

Camilla has an MSc in Forensic Science, from the University of Strathclyde, which included a research project at LGC Forensics, Culham entitled “A population study of polyurethane foam fragments present in outer clothing and in pockets”. She also has a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Durham. Since joining Hawkins in 2006, Camilla has been involved in researching paint spillage patterns, including the mechanics of falling paint and paint containers, also researching into the burning of different flooring types using cigarettes and a variety of irons. She has been involved in the forensic investigation of domestic and commercial insurance claims including paint and varnish spillages, accidental damages and staged break-ins. She has also been instructed on cases relating to personal injuries and the wear characteristics of car keys. From 2007, Camilla has carried out numerous investigations into fires and explosions. These cases have varied in scale ranging from small domestic incidents to large multi-million pound losses involving domestic properties, vehicles, retail, industrial and agricultural premises. Camilla has prepared expert witness reports for use in litigation and has completed the Bond Solon Courses in investigative interviewing and giving oral evidence in Court. Camilla is a Principal Associate based in […]

Gavin Dunn

Having gained a first-class MEng degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Gavin started his career by taking on the role of Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate with QUB and John Huddleston Engineering.  During this time, he developed the use of CATIA computer aided design software across the business to manufacture 5-axis precision machined aerospace parts, before accepting a position with John Huddleston Engineering as an Engineer.  In this role Gavin programmed 5-axis machining centres, designed tooling and jigs, and ensured a consistent production of complex precision aerospace parts was maintained. In 2010, Gavin joined Forensic Science Northern Ireland as a Forensic Engineer in the Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) team.  In this role, Gavin attended serious and fatal road traffic collision scenes across Northern Ireland often in the immediate aftermath while the road remained closed by police.  Gavin was responsible for the forensic reconstruction of collisions from the scene through to the court room.  He conducted examinations, tests, and analyses to determine the circumstances of each collision as fully as possible, many of which were high profile cases.  He routinely advised investigation teams on forensic strategy, provided direction to other scientific staff, and liaised with external technical […]

Rennie Chivers

Rennie joined Hawkins in May 2009 after a career with Essex Police spanning 33 years. He was involved in a wide variety of criminal investigations including arson, burglary, fraud, rape and homicide. During the last six years of his service he was a Crime Scene Investigator where he specialised in fire and arson investigation. He was awarded the Crime Scene Photographer of the Year in 2009. Rennie attended the Advanced Origin & Cause/Courtroom Techniques, at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre in Georgia, USA (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) in 2004. He is a member of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and has delivered training in forensic and arson investigation to the Police and Fire Brigades throughout the UK. Rennie specialises in the investigation of fires in domestic and commercial premises, as well as damage and break-ins. Rennie is an Associate based in the Cambridge office.